Downtown Dental Associates Re-opens June 8, 2020
To our patients - We have missed you during the COVID-19 shutdown and hope that you have been well. We are now scheduling appointments and encourage you to please contact our office.
For the protection of patients and staff we have new appointment guidelines:
  • If you are sick, do not come to the office. Please reschedule your appointment.
  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have come in contact with someone with COVID-19, please reschedule your appointment after a 14 day quarantine is complete.
  • In order to maintain safety and social distancing during your appointment, please adhere to the following:
    • Come to the appointment alone unless there are special circumstances such as the need for transportation or a personal care attendant.
    • Wear a protective mask to the office.
    • Please be on time to reduce the number of people in our reception area.
    • Bring minimum personal belongings.
As always, we are following current Centers for Disease Control and Minnesota Board of Dentistry guidelines. Additional precautions will also be in place to further protect you and our staff.
We ask that you print, sign and bring the following forms to your next appointment:
Please contact our office if you have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of payment options do I have?
We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, & Discover. We also offer a special financing plan through CareCredit which has low or no interest options. Go to for more information about this plan.
What kind of whitening products do you offer?
We have professional strength Crest whitening strips, Nite White custom trays, and Sapphire in-office whitening. We will help you determine which one will give you optimum results.
Why do I need to transfer my x-rays from my previous dentist?
Our dentists like to have as complete a history as possible of your teeth for comparison with the new x-rays we will be taking. Also, if your x-rays are current, full mouth less than five years & bite wings within one year, we would not have to take new ones. We have an x-ray release form that can be down loaded from our web site. Simply complete and send to your previous dentist. Or call our office and we would be happy to send you the form. We use the DEXIS digital x-ray system. If your x-rays were digital, they can be emailed to us at Otherwise they can be mailed to our office address.
Where is the best place to park downtown?
Our staff and patients find that the light rail and bus are the most convenient way in and out of downtown. If driving, the TCF ramp is the closest to our office. Enter on 9th Street or 2nd Avenue. TCF customers making a transaction with the teller the day of their dental appointment, receive one hour validated parking in the TCF ramp. The Target ramp located on LaSalle between 9th and 10th Streets also validates an hour if you spend $25. The best bargains are at the open lots around 9th and 10th Street between 5th Avenue and 2nd Avenue. If parking at a meter, be aware of the signs noting limitations. They only accept quarters.
What is the difference between white and silver fillings?
Amalgam (silver) fillings are the most common and long lasting. New products developed over the years have allowed for composite resin (white/tooth colored) fillings. They are more expensive than amalgam fillings and the procedure takes slightly longer to complete. We can advise you on the best treatment option for your particular tooth. Some insurance plans do not cover composite fillings as well as they would if an amalgam was done. Check your plan benefits for more information.